Cosmic Payback

EARTH, 2562 A.D.

After centuries of war and suffering, peace slowly began to return to the world. Just as civilization had started to recover, however, another crisis fell upon it - an extra-terrestrial armada pillaged the earth, taking with them virtually all of the known supplies of gold. Society was plunged into chaos – financial markets experienced a recession of unparalleled proportions, electronics production ceased altogether, and people with dental fillings dared not wander out in public.

An international task force was created with the aim of recovering the gold. Scraping together what they could with the miniscule amount that had not been plundered, a shuttle was constructed that would serve justice upon the invaders. It contained a few spherical exploration pods, which would navigate the planetary surface by means of bouncing upon it. You are responsible for piloting the pods and returning all of the gold to Earth. If this mission fails, humanity will be doomed to return to the Stone Age.

You are our only hope!

Exciting 3-D action!

Bounce your way through fifteen levels of mind-boggling puzzle-platformer action, with smooth high-resolution three-dimensional graphics. Line up your shots with precision thanks to the inertia-based movement, providing you with a real feeling of weight to the exploration pod, and an illusion of realism to the action.

The innovative Mode 6 graphics engine allows for a speed and freedom of movement not previously seen on the ZX Spectrum. Texturing patterns serve to distinguish tiles from each other, making the environment richer and more detailed.

For the convenience of those who can't play it all in one sitting, a password system allows you to jump between any of the levels you have encountered so far. And for less experienced players, the "casual mode" provides an infinite number of lives.

Despite all of these technological feats, Cosmic Payback is compatible with the original 48K Spectrum. 128K owners can enjoy a selection of tunes which play continuously throughout the game.

If you're still undecided, then consider the critics' judgement of Cosmic Payback - it was given a perfect score by Planeta Sinclair.

Download or buy now!

You can download the original fifteen-level version for free from this website, or from if you prefer. For those in want of more adventure, Bitmap Soft offer an extended version on cassette tape for £10, which can be found here.