CSSCGC 2020!
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About CSSCGC 2020

This year's CSSCGC is hosted by John Connolly.

The CSSCGC was established all the way back in 1996 by Lee Tonks (AKA "Blood"), who desired to create a sequel to Cassette 50, the awful, putrid waste of money which housed fifty barely playable, completely derivative mind-numbing games classic, beloved collection of high-quality entertainment software.

He was helped by the denizens of the comp.sys.sinclair newsgroup, and together they compiled a collection of sixty abominable games (Anthea Turner's National Lottery Simulator, anyone?). Thousands (literally) of crap games and twenty-four years later, the CSSCGC is still going strong except for that year where we forgot to have a competition at all.

Now that you know the purpose of all this, why not try some of the games?