CSSCGC 2020!
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The rules

The rules are simple: games are submitted, reviewed and scored. The worst game wins, and the winner receives a token prize to compensate for the time wasted (traditionally, this prize has been 75 pence and a half-finished packet of Rolos). The best game is the loser, and its creator is then doomed to hosting CSSCGC 2021 (or maybe it’s the other way around – I can't quite remember).

Now for the specifics:

  1. Only software for the ZX Spectrum and ZX80/ZX81 computers are accepted. Software written for compatible clone machines or other Sinclair-related computers may be accepted at the discretion of the host.
  2. Please submit your entry in one of the following formats:
    • Tape formats: TAP, TZX, PZX, P (ZX80/ZX81)
    • Disk formats: SCL, TRD, MGT, MDR, DSK
    • Snapshot formats: Z80, SNA, SZX
    If you’ve found a crap game on an old cassette from thirty years ago, I’ll take a WAV recording on prior consultation, but don’t be disappointed if I can’t get it to load.
  3. The competition closes on the 24th of December 2020 at 23:59:48 (GMT). Entries submitted after this date will not be considered but may still be charged.
  4. Bandwidth is somewhat limited on this server; hence, large entries (over 700KB when zipped) are not guaranteed to be reproduced in their entirety and may be reduced or compressed when presented for download on the compo website. However, the full unmodified entry will be the version used for review purposes.
  5. The host reserves the right to refuse any entries that may cause issues with the hosting provider or with rights owners. That being said, I don't think anybody will be bothered about a game for an 80's microcomputer, so just send it in and I'll almost certainly accept it!
  6. Erhm...
  7. That's it.

Entries are now closed. For any enquiries regarding the 2020 CSSCGC, please use our email address: